Unusual Dogman Sighted in Southern Wisconsin


Almost a year ago now, I had met someone on one of those online social media outlets. Late in the winter time we chatted about our children and more often than not, music. We were discussing joining forces to form a band that would gig locally. I play the saxophone and sing, and being that I’m a woman its sort of a novelty still to have a female sax player in a mostly male dominated field. He played guitar and we would spend quite a few late nights waxing on about our thoughts on music and philosophy.

Until one night he asked about the topic in which I write and investigate. I told him its just part of my structure, always has been. I wasn’t born like other girls , ignorant (I would think, for the far better) of the side of paranormal and preternatural. That world existed in a very real and tangible way for me my whole life. Strange as that is, nonetheless, many people now find my work and especially work of people I can proudly and amazingly call my friends today. People I’ve gone out into the field with like Linda Godfrey, people I’ve wrapped with about writing like Nick Redfern, and of course my dear friend and mentor JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners International, of whose organization I am a very active part of now.

His interest was peaked, and while we spoke of some of the things I was currently writing about he mentioned that he had his own very frightening and enthralling encounter. I inquired, encounter with what ?  With a dogman, not even 20 minutes away from where I am writing right now.

He described the story at length, being a fellow musician myself I understood on an intimate level the kind of brooding we sometimes are susceptible to when life keeps handing me unsettling surprises. Feeling that way, feeling very shaky grounded and in need of deep soul searching due to circumstances surrounding him beyond his control
(I know so well how that feels) he felt the need to get away, away from people. Into the woods, armed with nothing but a fishing pole and a tent is where he went.  He spent a few nights there camped on the shore of a small lake until…


Until he arose one very early morning around 4 am.. he saw the fullness of the moon cast its silver net around his camp site. His mind felt unusually engaged as if his dreams were already interacting with a source yet still unknown. His thoughts forming into the shapes of questions, inquiring, who is out here beguiling my dreams ? Who is here ? He went to the edge of the forest about ten yards away to relieve himself.  Still unable to shake a very clear defined feeling of someone or something being there with him, COMMUNICATING to his very mind. He had thoughts that were not his own, in the form of a sort of greeting.  He decided to dip his fishing lure into the placid lake and try to catch a fish.

After an hour or so, feeling tired and fishless, he decided to go back to his tent. When he got there he discovered a skull waiting for him on his sleeping bag.. A very clean small skull. It looked to him to be a squirrel skull. Feeling a little shaken, far less than I would imagine myself to be under these circumstances, and more fueled by curiosity he sat down on his sleeping bag to await whoever it was that left this odd gift. He waited for just a short while before he heard a rustling in the reeds by the edge of the lake..

Bracing himself for what he did not know, for who he couldn’t imagine he held his gaze steady on the shore. The grass rustling, the reeds moving, there was a mental and other kind of tangible *power* preceding this creature that he could feel so strongly.  Then, there were thoughts being communicated directly to him. Thoughts like ” I know how you suffer, I too, know suffering”  . There were ideas that were transferred beyond the power of words that communicated  that the sender was a source of immense and unimaginable physical and spiritual power. That the sender was a predator the established world as we know it could not fathom. And yet it was this very creature that left him a gift.

Drawing a bead to the source of all this, he now was on edge waiting to see what this was. When the creature did emerge he saw an immense figure. Broad shoulders, far too broad for any bear or any known animal native to south east Wisconsin. 7 and a half feet tall at least, conservatively. Long arms with almost human hands and fingers sort of positioned to the front of his body. Lethal looking razor sharp nails.. Thick ropey arms with bulging biceps, a six pack stomach! Legs.. legs that were dog like, his eyes trying to make sense of what he was seeing , it was far too much to try to compute but compute he did. He saw legs that were that of a normal dogs, bent with the haunches the way they do yet standing on his hind legs he was.
Perhaps the most unusual of all this was the creatures face. His face was not pronounced in the muzzle area like most of these sightings will say. His face was that of a pit bull. Preternaturally wide mouth. Teeth that protruded , the sharp canines glistening. His ears were erect yet also floppy on the top…  My friend, I’ll call him Billy, was beside himself with not fear, well yes obviously some fear but it was awe that he felt the most. The thoughts now came flooding in a sea of pictures and just direct information beamed into his brain “we are kindred, I left you a gift, I know how you feel, I am a supreme being, I kill anything I want, I eat , I kill ”

These are the mental abilities these creatures have. After years of research this conclusion is inevitable. While we cannot pin down any one blanket catch all answer for what exactly these things are, we can see they bear certain fruits. Supreme predation that does straddle worlds of natural and preternatural, and an ability to communicate directly to their audience without the use of words.

I hope youve enjoyed this true tale, very soon, within the next couple weeks I am going to the very spot he had this encounter. I will before hand make my typical fore hand “arrangements”, to get myself ready for an ideal encounter, should it happen.  To any who have questions or comments, please feel free to ask. I shall also make a video to accompany this blog entry and add it when its finished.


As always God bless

Jane Maya Rodriguez copyright 2017



Through use of a newly developed and invented telescope (known as a Santilli telescope) which uses a concave lens, instead of the typically used convex lens ( Galileo telescopes) has allowed scientists to observe antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays that have been other wise unable to be detected by conventional means up until this point.
According to the scientific paper published last year which I will cite on the bottom, these evidences have been observed due to the special shape of the telescopic lens itself that allows for the antimatter to be detected. The scientific paper produced also states that through the use of the telescope, that entities exist and appear to maneuver intelligently in the earths atmosphere. Then there are also discussed entities that are called Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the first kind(ITE-1) or dark ITE. These are called dark, due to the dark images left behind in the background of digital cameras attatched to the Santilli telescopes.

Then there are also images gathered similarly which produce a bright image left in the background of the digital cameras, and this is evidence that points to the existence of another kind of entity that the normal convex telescopes has been unable to detect. These entities are called Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the second kind(ITE-2) or bright ITE.
Dr. Ruggero Santilli is a nuclear physicist who was a visiting scholar in the department of mathematics at Harvard university. Main stream scientists sometimes refer to his work as”fringe” due to its controversial nature. We must remind ourselves that the discrediting of the geocentric model of the universe was once considered heresy.

Dr. Santilli is the chief scientist and founder of the MagneGas Corporation and the Thunder Energies Corporation as well.
“This is an exciting discovery. We do not know what these entities are; they’re completely invisible to our eyes, our binoculars, or traditional Galileo telescopes, but these objects are fully visible in cameras attached to our Santilli telescope,” stated Dr. Ruggero Santilli, CEO Thunder Energies Corp.



Ruggero Maria Santilli. Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE). American Journal of Modern Physics. Special Issue: Issue II: Foundations of Hadronic Mechanics. Vol. X, No. X, 2015, pp. XX-

invisible entitiessantilli telescopeXX. doi: 10.11648/j.XXXX.2015XXXX.XX

Jane Rodriguez Copywrite 2016

In League With Devils: Antarctica’s Strategic Use By World Leaders as a Nexus To Occult Power and Technology

Quite possibly where even the night sky devoid of sun goes to become something darker- Antarctica. But unknown to many people it has been the unlikely hotbed of occult and cutting edge technology for years and perhaps even centuries. Still, many people dismiss it as a barren wasteland.  Right now as I write this, the worlds largest telescope is nestled amongst the frozen glaciers gazing deep into the vast expanses. Its scanning the sky, searching for answers as to what most of the universe is comprised of: dark matter and dark energy.   But perhaps the strangest curiosity is why so many world leaders over the years have been visiting this seeming island of desolation.

What possibly could be drawing the political leaders of today to the frozen tundra? A brief dossier of facts will illuminate the motivation of one leader in particular who was very interested in Antarctica, a one Adolph Hitler. Antarctica has been officially regarded as being discovered in 1820 by the Russians. I say officially because there are bald faced facts that point to the discovery actually being made centuries prior. According to a map that was found that has been dated at 1513. Known as the Piri Reis map, this map shows with great accuracy the borders of the continent. A very perplexing and striking feature, aside from the date of its being made, is that the cartographer depicted the continent as being non-frozen. . The map itself was drawn on gazelle skin, Piri Reis was a famous admiral of the Turkish fleet in the 16th Century. Not only being an admiral, his passions extended further than that of official naval admiral business would normally confine a man and included the science and art of cartography.  His high ranking military station afforded him the luxury of having access to the Imperial Library of Constantinople.

Now its my understanding that a popular YouTube video has been making the rounds in cyberspace, by a one David Wilcock. The premise I’m assuming doesn’t deviate far from the title of the presentation, that being that Antarctica was once Atlantis. I’ve yet to see this presentation, but I can see just from the official  letter addressed to a professor Charles Hapgood of Keene college by the U.S. air force that I just read that I will include here in my paper, that the lands topographical geography has been a point of mystery and contention for some time. That areas, if not a large portion of Antarctica was indeed ice-free for thousands of years.

TO: Prof Charles H. Hapgood, Keene College

Dear Professor Hapgood,

Your request of evaluation of certain unusual features of the Piri Reis Antarctica map of 1513 by this organization has been reviewed.. The claim that the lower part of the map portrays the Princess Martha Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctic, and the Palmer Peninsular, is reasonable. We find that this is the most logical and in all probability the correct interpretation of the map. The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap. This part of Antarctica ice free. The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick. We have no idea how the data on this map can be reconciled with the supposed state of geographical knowledge in 1513. Courtesy of http://www.ancientdestructions.com/piri-reis-map-of-antarctica/

This was a piece of knowledge that wasn’t so clandestine to the educated ones of our past and its assumed that around 6,000 years ago it was NOT a frozen continent, but possibly that it was a verdant one. This of course, goes against main stream science and history. In my years of reading for pleasure and hard research I’ve found that there is much hard evidence and even logic that doesn’t fit the paradigm that the establishment would like to enforce upon humanity. This evidence that’s brought forth by a multitude of scientists, historians, archaeologists, paleontologists and climatologists (re: what was once known as “global warming” was debunked for lack of evidence is now dubbed as “climate change”. Refer to the petition signed by tens of thousands of scientists who have called the thing a farce, a lie that has been inflicted on humanity as a greater means of control to levy taxes, impose restrictions on commerce and even infrastructure. Please take the time to look at this website it lists the TENS of THOUSANDS of scientists that have petitioned this lie. http://www.petitionproject.org/

But getting back to the Piri Reis map, it would be that even without mounds of research, a natural progression of logic would be http://www.petitionproject.org/ to wonder if Antarctica was the lost civilization of Atlantis that Plato wrote about so many centuries ago. For what its worth the “establishment” when it comes to archaeology, history or any science that deviates from their script that civilization started when they say it started despite the mounds of evidence that point to the fact that mankind got its start WAY earlier then they want to admit. Author, researcher Michael Cremo calls this the “knowledge filter”. It is the preponderance of evidence that points to evolution being erroneous as the fossil records show man and dinosaurs foot prints side by side, as well as man and many species of ape. There is still no “missing link”- whether it be homo sapien or any animal for that matter.

So, in light with all the mystery and strangeness there is a whole galaxy of occult related and hollow earth theory related wonder. Theres so many deep occultic roots associated with the continent I haven’t yet touched that its hard to know where to start and where exactly to end. Hard for me at least, as I tend to see things from a perspective that looks at complex topics like a sphere shaped web of information. To whittle a modern day example that brought Antarctica into the world of geo-occultism and politics (did I just coin a new term ? ‘Geo-occultism’ ? ) I’m going to talk about why Hitler was so fascinated with it and made so many expeditions and finally settled on a base there. This of course does bear relevancy as to why leaders this very day are returning to the frigid land. Before I jump right into it I want to remind you that mysticism and magic and the occult is NOT, as the establishment and most media would have you believe, two separate entities. Ever since the dawning of Quantum Mechanics, when Dr. Heisenberg came along with his uncertainty principal, and other trailblazing partical physicists saw that photons and electrons can appear to be at TWO PLACES AT THE SAME TIME, modern day science has been catapulted into an arena that sounds more like metaphysics than it did the science of your parents and grandparents.

“Almost 100 years ago physicists Werner Heisenberg, Max Born und Erwin Schrödinger created a new field of physics: quantum mechanics. Objects of the quantum world – according to quantum theory – no longer move along a single well-defined path. Rather, they can simultaneously take different paths and end up at different places at once. Physicists speak of quantum superposition of different paths.” – credit https://phys.org/news/2015-01-atoms.html

For my next example of occult magic making its way into modern science lets visit the controversial CERN, the large hadron particle accelerator located in Switzerland. Looking for what scientists at CERN call “unknown unknowns” – for instance “an extra dimension”.”Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN. Other scientists at CERN have spoken openly about the occult ties the program has. The fact is that there are layers of ritual and magic associated with the entire project, from the location ( Ancient site of ritual sacrifice for ABADDON (aka APOLLYON) , it being shaped as a giant key (refer back to the quote Bertolucci made about bringing something in from another dimension). The significance in it being shaped like a key relates directly to a verse in the book of Revelation 9:11- Their king is the angel from the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon—the Destroyer.” Did I mention that in front of the  building , CERN at the entrance sits a large statue of the hindu god Shiva who is the god of destruction and rebirth?

I  would like to point out that it was the lifes work and dream for a one Alaistar Crowley to bring in entities from other dimensions, as an opposition to the lord Creator. He was the predecessor and teacher to Madame Blavatsky the founder of the Theosophic society who was the woman with the idea matrix which helped develop the The Third Reich ! Yes for any who don’t know who are reading this the Third Reich was one part politics, one part occult, one part science. This is not my opinion or speculation, in fact NONE of what I just said about CERN is either. This is the modern world we are living in ladies and gentleman and that modern world is thus: Science and magic are merging and the modern age is like an attempted revival of the “golden age” of yore. The ultimate end game being that “gods” will once again walk with us and rule over us and the super elite will be the, for lack of better terms “leader monkeys” for the rest of us schmucks. The nephelim, the giants the TITANS of yore are a real thing and the elite know this and have known this for some time and this is the root and heart of the games this world place in terms of geo politics.

One of the greatest tricks Satan ever pulled on humanity is convincing them he doesn’t exist.

So, to circle back around to the heart topic, being Antarctica, let me give you a bolus of facts that support my claim. As you know conventional history says that Russia discovered Antarctica, despite all the evidence that it was discovered centuries prior. This is just something the establishment does, cover up undeniable facts, proof and evidence that opposes its paradigm.

Antarctica  was largely regarded as useless until the Germans became preoccupied with it. He sent convoys to survey the land from an aerial perspective and it was noticed by American intelligence the length of the visits and the reports from American spies how scientists had gone there and had not been reported back to Germany or found dead. Hitler dubbed the continent “New Shwabia”.

The scientists and military commanders sent to recon the sight had reported back to Hitler that Antarctica was an “impenetrable fortress”. Why it was described as thus has now recently come to light. It has been said that under the ice, there were underground lakes, and the air that flowed over the lakes was a balmy 64 degrees farenheit. Warm water constantly flows into the area, creating a warm environment inside deep caverns found in Antarctica.  These warm rivers then make underground ice tunnels. Perfect for constructing a deep underground network. With submarines being able to enter from the coast, it had indeed become a stupendous fortress far away from all the other continents of earth. This base was given the nazi codename “Base 211”.

So, in 1946 the US Navy sent admiral Byrd to recon and even destroy any evidence of a Nazi base in Antarctica, and was given the secret and now well known name “Project Highjump” I should also make mention that Argentine intel also corroborated alarming news regarding Antarcticas developing Nazi bases.

It was reported that Admiral Byrd reported strange flying saucers that emerged from the waters of Antarctica at astonishing speeds that actually caused physical damage to the expedition. (I recommend reader to look up Byrds diary regarding also the ‘hollow earth’) On February 26 1947, it was reported  a battle took place a note about it made by an experienced pilot and member of the expedition John Sireson wrote : “they flew vertically out of the water in a fury slipping between the masts of the ships at such high speed, that the air flow perturbed and dislodged the radio antennae. “I didn’t have time to blink an eye”, he wrote “The two corsair from Casablanca were SLAIN by some sort of mysterious ray shot from the nose section of the flying saucers, then diving back into the waters” I didn’t understand..they were like satanic beasts spitting deadly fire. Suddenly I saw the destroyer ‘Murdoch’ which was about 120 feet away. The flames flashed and the ship began to sink. Despite the danger rescue teams and life boats were immediately dispatched to the disaster site from other ships, the nightmare lasted about 20 minutes. When the saucers again dived under the waters we then began evaluating our losses. They were terrifying – (reminds me of the lectures a late Philip Schneider used to make about DULCE underground base) implies that this kind of technology was around BEFORE the discovery made by Nazis and certainly the us  . Consider the leaps and bounds of USA rocketry after project paperclip .

Shifting gears again, and speculating here but perhaps Hitlers sudden interest in it had to do with the satanic witchery Helena Blavatsky and her predecessor, Crowley were up to. Would it really be that far of a stretch to think that they were perhaps given a kind of demonic council, giving them supernatural knowledge that would help Hitlers Reich? After all, Satan seeks to establish his kingdom on earthin a very physical manner, and just as he tempted Jesus in the desert  Matthew4:7-8 :7Jesus replied, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test. 8Again, the devil tookHim to a very high mountain and showed Him allthe kingdoms of the world and their glory. 9“All this I will give You,” he said, “if You will fall down and worship me.

I say this with all seriousness because of one of the fundamental philosophical pillars of Hitlers Reich was the Ahnenerbe. The Ahnenerbe was the occultic-scientific group founded by Heinrich Himmler, Hitlers leading military commander. So you see, regardless of whether or not you believe in this magical “hocus pocus”, this world leader sure did. Guess what, other world leaders still do. In fact it would behoove you to look into Bohemian Grove and see what kind of occult rituals go on there and who were/are members (Former U.S. Presidents William Howard Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Jr. Most of Bush administration’s top officials, such as Colin Powell, California Governor Pete Wilson, the mayors of Los Angeles, San Francisco and other major cities; astronauts Wally Schirra and Frank Borman; former FBI and CIA directors; former Secretaries of State George Schultz and Henry Kissinger; international bankers; heads of big oil companies (ARCO, Mobil, Pennzoil, Texaco), from corporate CEO’s to literary greats Mark Twain. I have to admit it was a disappointment to see the name Ambrose Bierce)

The Ahnenrbe   Ahnenerbe‘, meaning “inherited from the forefathers.”
The official mission of the Ahnenerbe was to find new evidence of the racial superiority of the Germanic people through historical, anthropological, and archaeological research.
Formally, the group was called the Studiengesellschaft für Geistesurgeschichte‚ Deutsches Ahnenerbe – ‘Study Society for Primordial Intellectual history, German Ancestral Heritage’, but it was renamed in 1937 as the Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft das Ahnenerbe – (Research and Teaching Community of the Ancestral Heritage).
Many of their interests extended beyond science into occultism.

Richard Walter Darré

This led to German scientists travelling around the world in search of Atlantis and the Holy Grail, and it is reported that the Ahnenerbe sought “portals” to God.
Growing out of the Ahnenerbe-SS, the Thule Gesellschaft and the general Nazi interest in the occult, was ‘Karotechia’ (see below) – a secret organization dedicated to the research and use of occult forces for the Third Reich.

Hermann Wirth (see left) was a Dutch historian obsessed with Atlantean mythology, and Richard Walter Darré (see right) was the creator of National Socialist ‘Blut und Boden’ (blood and soil) ideology, and was head of the Race and Settlement Office).- credit http://thirdreichocculthistory.blogspot.com/2014/03/die-deutsche-ahnenerbe.html 2017

So you see in light of continuously new and emerging information about what portals and stargates were to the ancient people and what it has to do with modern man and their increasing interaction with cryptids like bigfoot and dogmen, you can see how dots begin to connect.

Vril, is also another term for the superiority of the comning race. The old testiment calls them Nephilim, Greeks called them Titans, and Sumerians called them Annunaki. Make no mistake they are the fallen angels that were cast down with Lucifer and are the things that began making their genetic manipulations described in the book of Enoch and in Genesis 6:8.


  1. And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. 2. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: ‘Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children.’ 3. And Semjâzâ, who was their leader, said unto them: ‘I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.’ 4. And they all answered
  2. 35

him and said: ‘Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.’ 5. Then sware they all together and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. 6. And they were in all two hundred; who descended ⌈in the days⌉ of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. 7. And these are the names of their leaders: Sêmîazâz, their leader, Arâkîba, Râmêêl, Kôkabîêl, Tâmîêl, Râmîêl, Dânêl, Êzêqêêl, Barâqîjâl, Asâêl, Armârôs, Batârêl, Anânêl, Zaqîêl, Samsâpêêl, Satarêl, Tûrêl, Jômjâêl, Sariêl. 8. These are their chiefs of tens.

Leaving you with that final thought, the names of the fallen themselves, I urge you reader to please look up these items yourself. There are so many things that interconnect and bear relevence I simply did not anticipate the time it would take to include them all. It’s my belief it would take several life times anyhow. We musn’t forget that it is our DUTY to make sure we understand the facts of the principals that guide this planet earth and how it relates to us individually , but also as a whole. After all it is written in our consitution that the principals of freedom depend on our vigilence to uphold the tenants that make our country a beacon to the world.

Jane Rodriguez 2017

OLDER THAN PIZZA GATE: Suppresion of Information Regarding Satanic Pedophilia in Members of High US government.


Hollywood has produced many  films that deal with Satanism among the elite in America and London. The film starring Johnny Depp comes to mind called the Ninth Gate, based on a very good book I’ve read called The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte. The movie details a book detective who deals in books that are super ultra rare and super expensive. These are books that only a small handful or even 1-2 are left in existence and deal with all manner of topics like Alchemy, witchcraft (grimoires), etc, history art, science and the like. He is hired by a very wealthy and very influential man to find a book which shows the reader how to summon Satan. The Faustian tale ends up, with of course massive amounts of madness and destruction but also leaves the reader with that thought dangling in the back of their mind.That is,  how real is this?

There was a book published in the early 1990’s if not 1990, called the Franklin Cover-Up. In this book it detailed : “The shut-down of Omaha, Nebraska’s Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, raided by federal agencies in November 1988, sent shock waves all the way to Washington, D.C. $40 million was missing. The credit union’s manager: Republican Party activist Lawrence E. “Larry” King, Jr., behind whose rise to fame and riches stood powerful figures in Nebraska politics and business, and in the nation’s capital.

In the face of opposition from local and state law enforcement, from the FBI, and from the powerful Omaha World-Herald newspaper, a special Franklin committee of the Nebraska Legislature launched its own probe. What looked like a financial swindle, soon exploded into a hideous tale of drugs, Iran-Contra money-laundering, a nationwide child abuse ring, and ritual murder.

Nineteen months later, the legislative committee’s chief investigator died – suddenly, and violently, like more than a dozen other people linked to the Franklin case.

Author John DeCamp knows the Franklin scandal from the inside. In 1990, his “DeCamp memo” first publicly named the alleged high-ranking abusers. Today, he is attorney for two of the abuse victims.

Using documentation never before made public, DeCamp lays bare not only the crimes, but the cover-up – a textbook case of how dangerous the corruption of institutions of government, and the press, can be. In its sweep and in what it portends for the nation, the Franklin cover-up followed the ugly precedent of the Warren Commission.”  – https://www.amazon.com/Franklin-Cover-up-Satanism-Murder-Nebraska/dp/0963215809

This is how art continues to mimic life. Because this is no fiction, what the Franklin Cover-up details.

One of my most favorite fictional series to have ever come out was on HBO and called True Detective. Season one is by far the best season and deals with an odd-couple pair of detectives Rust Cohl and Martin Hart (played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson respectively). Rust Cohl is a character that resonates very strongly with me personally. He is what he calls himself a realist, who is actually what most people would call a pessimist. Eternally asking nagging questions , that nag ( to me ) because of their sharp edged cutting truth..he provides answers that leave mankind looking like a bunch of self deluding arrogant viruses operating on a form of delusion. He describes this delusion as an accident of evolution, this self awareness, this impression that all this creation was made for us. This delusion, this programming only feeds on itself by piling on one lie on the next, that “tomorrow” will provide some kind of fulfillment, some kind of satiation to our longing. He believed there is nothing. He also lost his two year old little girl, and its obvious that the pain of losing his child has left him with nothing. Who can blame him , really? Anybody who’s had their soul crushed, any body who has felt like theyve been whittled down to one tiny little nub can certainly relate to this feeling. Anyway, him and Martin have been in charge of an occult style ritual murder. Spoiler alert: Later on in the series they are able to tie together a string of missing children to governors and charter school creators and CHURCH leaders to the child kidnapping, satanism and murder.

Again,what we have here is not reality mimicking hollywood.. its hollywood mimicking reality. I had read once,a  decade and a half ago that the high occult has a practice of announcing their ritual to the public, that it is part of the ritual and magic itself to tell people what theyre doing. This explains the many many blatant symbols in our culture. This also is called *predictive programming* . Predictive programming is the act of announcing what they,the elite are going to do to the herd by way of entertainment. Be it movie, book or series. There were many cases of 9/11 predictive programming from the Simpsons to X Files. Here is an excellent link which goes over the topic very well : http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_mediacontrol66.htm

I know I am taking a very long route to get to my ultimate point here. That point is that there are many among us who are under the impression that the Pizza Gate scandal is an uncovering of a new thing. It most certainly is not. To make a very long and complicated case study very short, this type of thing has been happening for a VERY long time. Familiarize yourself with the ELITE of antiquity. Every single major society and empire engaged in ritual child abuse and sacrifice. All of them. For example in what people call now the non-entity “Palestine” in the bible “North Mesopotamian texts of the tenth-seventh centuries B.C.E. signify the burnt offering of male children in honor of the god Hadad. A Syrian inscription indicates that people burnt their children for the gods Adrammelech and Anammelech. The Hebrew Bible abundantly attests that the burnt offering of children was current in early Palestinian religion (Lev. 20:2; Deut. 12:31; 2 Ki. 16:3; 17:31; 23:10; Jer. 7:30-32; 19:3-5; Ezek. 16:20-21)”  – Taken from http://christ.org.tw/bible_and_theology/Bible/Burnt_Offering_of_Children.htm

The article goes on:” For instance, Jeremiah, an Israelite prophet, mentioned many times that Israelites have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons in fire as offerings to Baal (Jer. 19:5). A title page engraving from the Mishnah, the commentary written by rabbis, shows a boy about to be sacrificed by fire to Molech as an illustration for the tractate. “

These aren’t a bunch of wild uneducated powerless savages engaging in this horrendous murder, these are the rulers of kingdoms.  Consider in the book of Matthew what Satan said to Christ about gaining power over the kingdoms of this world : Matthew 4:8-9 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”
Take this into consideration and apply this to what actually has been happening since the beginning of time and whats going on now will begin to make sense. Ive spent over half my life piecing these things together and it couldnt be more clear to me that things are coming to a culmination. There is a quickening of world events and information as the dividing line between good and evil becomes more and more crystal clear. I remember writing in my journal as a teenager back in 1997-98 or so, things that didnt quite make sense then, but I knew in my spirit were true. I wrote ” The ancient gods will come back in my lifetime, good and evil will be clear, everyone will have to decide where they stand.”  Is this time approaching ? I believe the latter is here. A person no longer has an excuse not to know. This time we live in, with the information of the world archived and available on a mobile cellphone makes research possible. I pray that we all search within ourselves but ultimately to God to show us what we are to do , when staring down the eyes of a society, of rulers of a kingdom that murder children for their occult purposes. Even if you don’t believe in any of it, that its all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, the fact still remains that the rulers of the world have never stopped believing in it. Not ever since the first kingdom was ever created that didn’t worship the one true God.


God bless


Jane Rodriguez copy write 2017


Jane was a guest on Vic Cundiff’s Dogman Encounters

Vic Cundiff is a very personable man, who seems to genuinely care about those who share their stories on his show Dogman Encounters. His kind manner and understanding nature is an encouragement that benefits the one who shares their story and the show itself. He gave me tips on how to handle the memory of something that scared me that frankly, can come in use to other traumatic experiences I’ve had in my life.

Last month I shared my multi-cryptid encounter I had in northern Minnesota with Crypto Four Corners  JC Johnson, JD Johnson, Ron Shaw and myself.These encounters happened only three months ago in September of 2016.

Here’s the link:



Dr. Strange and True

I remember seeing the ads for the movie Dr Strange with my daughter while in the theater to see something else. We both looked at each other and said simultaneous ” I wanna see that!” I’m a pretty good judge of whether I’ll like something based off the things they decide to feature on their commercial for their film. It had the same woman actor that played the Archangel Gabriel in Constantin,  bald and monk-like, and I could tell then and there it was a type-cast situation. Which is completely fine. The ad looked very ” Alice Through the Looking Glass”, a concept I love.  The very notion of alternate realities has appealed to me on a fundamental level since I was a child. Its an idea which I understand the implications I have very limited view on and very limited understanding of, but to me that’s part of my admiration for the beauty and elegance of the Creators existence!  Exploring Reality is the name of my blog, after all. You get the idea. (;

I was always innately comfortable with the idea of reality being much more than what the five physical senses can detect. More than what matter we can perceive with our eyes. I have always believed and KNOWN that I could create my own reality. That it always originated with a thought and intention. That is how any physical action is taken place after all, isn’t it ? That is the simple truth the movie I took my daughters to see was presenting to the audience.  Its not me, I am not some gifted person, I just am lucky to retain that childhood sense of wonder.. and theres a bit of faith involved too. After all the movie is rather Faustian at its start. You see a brilliant neuro surgeon who is so far beyond his peers in terms of his ability to quickly make decisions, determine best treatment and to execute his treatment with his own two hands with a level of precision and care that a machine that they would normally rely upon for certain procedures would lack.  So, like Faust, this brilliant physicican rightly asks the question, “who is like me, hm? Who is my equal and who is my peer.” He was right to be proud, he had the stuff to back it up.

His ego (which was warranted) was the lynch pin of the whole movie. Beyond all the true and real references to actual magical grimoires like the key of Solomon. It had all the real and true references to the astral body, the real definition of magic, etc..none of that would matter if he did not surrender his ego first. That is why it is written “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, then for a rich man to see the kingdom of God”.

The ego is the single most important part of the free will process , I
believe. If you have read my other blog entries I’ve discussed the  pride involved in Satans fall, how scores of angels also fell with him, when “their eyes were opened”

See its one thing, if a mediocre mind and a feeble body has an inflated ego, we find it amusing, and somewhat pitiful, as an observer.. labeling the person as a little lord fontleroy, like a little yapping Chihuahua that imagines himself to be a big tough German Shepherd. It’s another thing entirely when the ego is hinged upon the fact that the person is genius, a master.

When a person whom I describe in the latter situation is forced into a situation where they no longer have control , say from a life threatening illness or injury incurred upon them, or worse their children they must face up to the facts that their abilities, their mental processing power, their creativity has limitations. These abilities that they have, all the mental prowess, all of the beauty means jack shit in that moment because life itself is threatened and they have no control ovr the processes of life and death.. or even fate itself.

So, in that moment, being human is clearly defined. We are given a choice of the ages, we are just like the angels. We can choose to surrender to God, or we can clench down even further into rigidity and stubbornness.  This is the key to understanding, it is a fundamental principal that children understand but men and women with pride will fail to see and will thus stunt their growth. They wont even know, they will convince themselves more and more that “they know it all”. They will see through a glass darkly still relying upon their limited perceptions to contend with the world. They don’t get that when they do that theyre forcing all of existence into a tiny little pinhole viewfinder. They are cutting it off from themselves..out of pride.

It was only after Dr. Strange was whittled down to nearly nothing that he became greater than he could have ever been with his own might.

God bless